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Vaulting Training Facility

Wellington Park Equestrian is a specialised vaulting training facility focusing on strength and conditioning specific to equestrian vaulting. We offer coaching both on and off the horse, preparing our students from preliminary to open level vaulters.

Train with our specialised vaulting horses, or let us school your up-coming vaulting horse to ensure you get the most out of your training and provide you with the perfect vaulting partner!

Our group lessons are perfect for beginners and upwards, or advance your vaulting skills further with our one-on-one instruction. We will endeavour to provide group lessons or private lessons based on your age or level of experience. Contact us today to book your lesson!

What is Equestrian Vaulting?

Vaulting is an individual or team equestrian sport that combines dance and gymnastics in harmony with a moving horse. Vaulting improves a rider’s seat, confidence, balance, rhythm and coordination.

Wellington Park is committed to promoting the growth of vaulting within Australia by sharing our knowledge and experience with potential future Australian vaulters.

Introducing vaulting techniques is an ideal way to help new riders/vaulters understand posture, leg contact and balance. Vaulting caters for artistic and creative expression through choreography and movement.

Vaulting is considered to be the most spectacular and safest equestrian sports. Compulsory and freestyle vaulting routines are all performed to music. Our dedicated coaches work with our students to interpret the music and design vaulting routines to match their skill level.

Training with Wellington Park Coaches

Wellington Park Equestrian’s coaches strive to challenge our students through a professional approach to physical fitness, physical training, and techniques required in order to vault for fun or at competition level.

Vaulting requires a high level of agility, rhythm, and strength for both horse and vaulter. As regular practice and high levels of fitness are imperative in order to compete, training both the competitor and the horse is essential to develop and improve vaulting ability and stamina.

Wellington Park has acquired an equestrian MOVIE – a horse-shaped training apparatus for vaulters that simulates the horse’s canter. It closes the gap between a static barrel and a vaulting horse session. It is not meant to replace your horse, but rather to reduce their workload, so your horse stays refreshed and healthy for longer. MOVIE enables vaulters to  repeat exercises in order to prepare for the muscular demands of exercising on the horse.

Specialised vaulting moves are practised on the floor and on a barrel, or using our MOVIE, before being transferred to the horse.

Vaulting Coaching Options

Our coaches provide a comprehensive approach to the basic skills required for introductory vaulting, as well as a high level of Advanced Coaching for those who require specific coaching and training for One Star and above.

Wellington Park offers a full range of lessons coaching and schooling including:

Individual Coaching Lessons
Ginger Kennett is available for private one-on-one coaching lessons. Private lessons are ideal for competitors wanting to gain a competitive edge.

Introduction to Vaulting
Our Introduction to Vaulting course is perfect for beginners aged 6 years and upwards, with or without their own horse. Our small groups ensure you get the best experience possible.

Training Clinics
Throughout the year, Wellington Park offer vaulting clinics which include functional training, MOVIE and horse sessions, yoga and nutrition. We focus on developing compulsory techniques and freestyle routines, as well as specific training strategies for maximum strength and conditioning.

School Holiday Camps
Our Vaulting Camps are a fun, safe and interactive introduction to vaulting for new and current students.

Phone 0414 994 400 or email us to book your group or one-on-one vaulting lesson.